Various Types of VISA Cards you Can Use in Visa Casinos

visa cardVISA cards are one of the most popular payment methods used by people around the world for performing online transactions. Due to that, it’s no longer surprising to know that a lot of people prefer using their credit cards for making deposits and even withdrawals in online casinos. With the popularity of a VISA credit card, many online casinos have decided to offer VISA cards as their primary means of deposit option. 

An Overview of the VISA Card

Based on statistics, around 30 million transactions are done every day with VISA cards. This simply demonstrates how popular this payment method is. There’s no other brand that is widely accepted around the world as VISA is, not to mention it offers a safe and secure payment at any given time.

With a VISA card, you can easily transact online. However, you should always keep in mind that your VISA card contains sensitive information which you must keep confidential. With VISA, you can easily access your money securely.

Using VISA Cards in Online Casinos

Since VISA has been around for many years, it is accepted across various online sites and business sectors - online casinos are no exception. VISA cards come in various types, and you can use all of them to play your favourite casino games from countless VISA card casinos online!

As far as online casinos are concerned, they have advanced encryption that will make sure your personal details are secured and protected. You are required to provide your credit card data to your preferred VISA card casino before you can make any deposits, and the process will often take a few minutes.

Since VISA cards make it possible for online casino players to manage their money in an easy and convenient means, they have been a preferred option for most. Also, VISA is a really reliable and secure means for transactions in online casinos. 

What Types of VISA Cards are Accepted in VISA Casinos?

Some online casinos might not accept VISA cards for either deposit or withdrawal, but you can expect a lot of reliable online gambling sites that will. By playing in a VISA card casino, you don’t have to worry about depositing funds into your account. However, you will need to check if that particular casino allows withdrawal through your VISA card, and which types of VISA cards they accept. Here are the various types of credit cards which are accepted in a VISA card casino:

1. VISA Electron

It is possible to make online casino transactions with your VISA Electron card if it is specified by your preferred VISA casino. While you can find lots of VISA casinos that accept VISA cards as their main payment option, most of them consider VISA Electron as a different payment option. Hence, you should make sure to thoroughly check the site’s terms and conditions or ask their customer service about it.

2. VISA Debit Card

Just like VISA Electron, a VISA debit card is also sometimes considered as a different payment option to a VISA credit card. While most VISA casinos accept VISA debit card as a payment option, there are some that don’t.

3. Vanilla and Prepaid VISA Card

Are Vanilla and Prepaid VISA cards accepted in an online casino? Well, it depends. Vanilla VISA cards are actually tricky, and the same goes to Prepaid VISA cards, simply because a lot of online casinos want to verify their players’ identity through the payment method they used. The problem with Vanilla VISA is that it makes you completely anonymous, which is why many casinos won’t even bother declining them. 

If you really want to use a prepaid VISA card, you can use Entropay since it is widely accepted in a lot of online casinos, particularly VISA casinos, all while being more discreet than using your own credit card.

4. VISA Gift Cards

visa credit cardJust like Vanilla VISA cards, VISA gift cards are yet another popular way of giving someone cash in a form of a gift. However, this method isn’t really widely accepted across online casinos, even VISA casinos, simply because they want their players to use a payment option that can verify their identity. 

Also, due to strict regulations, a lot of leading online casinos will decline transactions via VISA gift cards. However, there are a few exceptions to this, therefore it pays to read through a site’s terms and conditions first.

5. VISA Credit Card

Undoubtedly the most popular and widely accepted type of VISA card, a VISA credit card allows you to deposit and even withdraw funds to and from your account without any hassle. Due to its high acceptance rate, you won’t have any trouble looking for an online casino that will readily accept your transaction via VISA credit card. 

VISA Cards for Mobile Casino Transactions

If your preferred VISA casino has its own mobile version, you can easily make deposits or withdrawals through a mobile application. However, make sure to always check out the features of the VISA casino you’re playing to avoid any issues.

VISA casinos provide you the ease and convenience of using your VISA cards for depositing and withdrawing funds on your account. Aside from that, you can also expect security, speed, and reliability while doing online casino transactions - something you could normally expect from the leading card brand in the world.

Are you still confused which VISA card to use? Check out these VISA card casinos to know which type of cards they accept!