A Guide to Playing Real Money Blackjack on the Internet

real money blackjackOnce you’ve fully understood the rules of blackjack and mastered the game by playing free online blackjack games, it’s about time to take it to the next level by playing against players from all around the world through an online real money blackjack. But even before you get started, there are a few things you should first consider. 

Choosing a Real Money Blackjack Site

Once you’re set on playing an online blackjack real money game, the next step to consider is to look for the best online blackjack casino to cater your needs. Some of the factors you should consider are the following:

1. Lucrative Bonuses

Most of the online casinos you can find will attempt to convince you to play their games by offering lucrative welcome bonuses once you successfully signed up on their site. Most bonuses often involve making an initial deposit in which you will be given extra cash depending on your desired amount. For example, if you deposit $100, you will receive another $100 in your account. Online casinos vary, hence you can find ones that even offer up to as much as $1,000 as bonus - or even higher.

2. Game Selection

Most reliable online casinos often come with a wide selection of real money blackjack games to offer. Hence if you are a true fan of blackjack, you can be able to find your favourite blackjack game easily. In most online casinos, you can find online blackjack real money games such as Pontoon, Surrender, Perfect Blackjack, and more!

3. Security

online blackjack real moneyWhen it comes to playing blackjack games online, security is of utmost importance. There is no point in winning big at your favourite blackjack game if you can’t even cash out your winnings. A reliable online casino is licensed and regulated to make sure that the games are fair and the transactions are carried out in a safe and secure manner. To check out if a casino is secured, you can read our reviews or check its bottom page and look for certification. Also check if it is approved by eCOGRA, since it only means that the games offered were tested to ensure fairness. If a site is approved by eCOGRA, you can be rest assured that you have equal chances of winning with other players.

4. Payout Percentage

Real money blackjack games are comming with one of the lowest house edges among other online casino games. This makes it a favourite especially to canny gamers. With the right strategy, you can actually reduce the house edge to almost zero. However, make sure you are aware of some of the side bets that are offered, as they might not have the same value compared to the original game. You can find some real money blackjack games online that has a house edge of 0.05% as long as you use the right strategy.

How to Win in an Online Blackjack Real Money Game

To have a chance at winning real money in a real money blackjack game, it is important that you completely understood the mechanics of the game. If you don’t have complete understanding of the basic rules of the game, then you might just be giving your money away. While blackjack relies on luck, it’s not really completely reliant like roulette. This means that you can use certain strategies that will help you increase your winning chances. Keep in mind that the game has different varieties which come with varying rules that could greatly affect your odds. Therefore it is important to check out the rules of any game variation and practice playing for free before you even gamble using real money.

Another tip to win at online blackjack is to understand the values of the cards. Basically, some card values in blackjack are different than other card games. For example, the cards 10, Jack, Queen, and King all have the same 10 point value, meaning the picture on the face cards will share the same value. Ace, on the other hand, could worth either 1 or 11 depending on the situation. For example, a starting hand of an Ace and 4 could either have a value of 5 or 15. If you are dealt a 10, then the Ace could have a value of 1 for a total value of 15. However, if you draw another 5, then the Ace could have a value of 11 for a total value of 20. A starting hand with Ace worth 1 value is called a soft hand, while a starting hand with Ace worth 11 is a hard hand.

Playing Real Money Blackjack Live - How to

Live casino games are a new exciting form of online gambling. 

By clicking on a live dealer table in a online casino lobby will automatically connect you to a casino studio via live stream. There you will be greeted by a professional croupier who guides you through the game. You can watch live on the gaming table using a video camera and chat with the croupier and the other online players via chat. In contrast to conventional online casino games, real money live dealer games use real casino tables with correct playing cards, dice or roulette balls. You play with money from your online casino account and can set your wager with one click and set your next play move. Once you've played enough, your balance will automatically be transferred back to your online casino account, just like on a regular online casino table. In most of the casinos you can use Paypal to deposit or withdrawl your winnings.

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