Making Online Transactions on a MasterCard Casino

mastercard credit cardMasterCard is considered as one of the most popular payment options around the world, second only to Visa. With MasterCard, you can expect simplicity, efficiency, and most of all - transparency. By using MasterCard, you can enjoy secure payments either online or offline. Due to that, a lot of MasterCard casino sites have appeared in order to offer MasterCard credit card as their primary mode of payment. 

Despite being one of the leading brands as far as online or offline payment is concerned, MasterCard also comes with several disadvantages, although they are hugely outweighed by the benefits and conveniences it provides. In this article, we are going to talk about how online transactions work in a MasterCard casino, the pros and cons of using MasterCard, and a brief overview of the MasterCard brand.

What is MasterCard?

MasterCard is a card brand you can use for making payments in both online and offline stores. It’s accepted by more than 210 countries around the world, with a total of more than 25 million companies. Just like all credit cards, MasterCard is linked to your bank account before you can carry out a secure transaction. 

You can get your own MasterCard credit card at almost all renowned banks around the world, although there are other organizations that can legally issue you the card. Also, various e-wallets can issue you a MasterCard either through a virtual or physical plastic card which you can use for making payments with the worldwide MasterCard platform.

Playing at MasterCard Casino Sites

If you enjoy playing in land-based casinos but want to gamble more often, then a MasterCard casino could be the perfect choice for you! By gambling at a MasterCard online casino, you can easily deposit your bankroll without hassle. Moreover, once you do you will be able to gamble to your heart’s content anytime you want. 

How to Deposit Funds in a MasterCard Casino

MasterCard casinos accept a MasterCard credit card as their primary mode of payment. However, there’s only a small number of them out there, and this payment option is not available for all online casinos. Fortunately, you can expect a majority of online casinos out there to accept MasterCard payments. You can even come across casinos that accept MasterCard but didn’t list this method on their page. If that’s the case, you might want to contact their customer support for confirmation.

Before you can make MasterCard payments on your MasterCard casino account, you will need to create your account first. The process is really simple - you only need to enter your name, address, and email address on the registration form. Afterward, you will need to verify your email address by clicking on the link sent to you via email. Once you have verified your account, you may then proceed to make a deposit.

Fortunately, the MasterCard credit card is one of the simplest deposit options you can use in any online casino. You only need to enter your name, your credit card number, the expiry date of your card, and the CVV number which is a 3-digit number located on the back of your card. The last information you need to enter is the amount you want to deposit. Upon a successful deposit, you should see your balance immediately on your account. Using MasterCard to make payments is a really quick process, essentially quicker than other methods which could take around three to four days, or sometimes longer, to complete.

The problem with using MasterCard for making payments in an online casino is that there is a chance that your transaction will be declined, especially if you’re from a country that has strict regulations on gambling such as the US. 

Withdrawing Funds from a MasterCard Casino

mastercard casinoThe process of withdrawing funds from your MasterCard casino is pretty much like making a deposit - but in reverse. You will need to perform the same process of providing your name, credit card number, the CVV number, and the expiry date of your card. Unlike when making a deposit, the process of withdrawing funds actually takes longer, usually around 1 to 5 banking days to complete. 

Unfortunately, MasterCard has recently updated their policy, thus reducing the amount of money you can withdraw from your casino account, not to mention the lesser possibility of making a withdrawal from various online casinos. In the event a withdrawal is accepted by an online casino, it’s highly likely that you can only make a withdrawal using the same MasterCard you used when you made a deposit. The time it takes for the withdrawal process to complete and the fees you will be charged for withdrawing will depend on the online casino you’re playing at.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using MasterCard

With a MasterCard credit card, you can enjoy a quick and easy means of depositing funds into your online casino account. With a successful deposit, you can see your balance in your account almost instantly. Moreover, you can deposit funds into your account without actually having the money on your bank account. 

The problem with MasterCard, however, is that you won’t be able to make a withdrawal that easily. There are certain online casinos that allow deposits but won’t allow withdrawals. In other words, if you attempt to make a withdrawal, you will end up getting rejected. Also, there are certain fees that apply when you make a withdrawal, and this could range between 2% to 8% of the amount you want to withdraw.

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